US Electric motors

US Motors (American company & a member of N
idec multinational group) produces horizontal and vertical electric motors, squirrel cage type with capacity (1/4 – 400) hp since 1908 till now.


US electric motors types:



Vertical Motors

US MOTORS company developed vertical motors since 1922 as the company produces two kinds of vertical motors
– Vertical Hollow Shaft VHS motor with (1/2 to 400) hp capacity to run submersible pumps with high thrust forces
– Vertical Solid Shaft VSS motor connected direct with loads and used to manage loads with normal thrust forces
In general, vertical motors produced with different degrees of protection like WPI, WPII and completely closed type and explosion resistant type, this with three different degrees of efficiency.

Vertical motors for petroleum applications:
US Motors company designed vertical motors suitable for operational specifications of the petroleum sector, materials used for this type of motors were selected to ensure long operations period for the motor in the operating conditions of the petroleum sector.

General specifications for these motors include:

  • horsepower :3-5000 hp
  • Speeds :3600-400 rpm
  • Design Voltages :3 phase / 200-6900 VAC /50 or 60Hz




  • Weather protected type I, Weather protected type II, Totally Enclosed Fan cooled and Hazardous Location.
  • Frame Sizes : 182 – 9608
  • Efficiency Levels : Standard, Energy and Premium Efficient


Horizontal Motors

US Motors also produces many types of vertical motors suitable for different uses.

1-200 hp, outer body made of cast iron, high efficiency operating speeds from 1200-1800 rpm

TITAN Horizontal
150-400 hp, operating speeds 600-3600 rpm, voltage 460-600 V with different degrees of protection like WPI, WPII, ODP, TEFC and explosion-proof type.

Inverter Duty
1-200 hp, operating speeds 1200-3600rpm, match in specifications with NEMA-MG 1 PART 31 and the motors are designed with different degrees of protection like ODP and completely closed type TEFC.